5 Reasons Your Cat Is Peeing On Bed – How To Stop It?

Has your cat started peeing on the bed or sofa? Don’t know how to avoid it? First, you need to know that this is a common problem among cats, and recognizing the underlying cause is crucial to solving it. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why your cat is peeing on the bed, and then we’ll provide you with some prevention tips. 

5 common reasons your cat is peeing on your bed

1. Doesn’t like the litter box

Make sure that your cat’s litter box doesn’t trap odors and doesn’t constrict its movement. Many cats get anxious if they have to use a litter while their body presses against the sides. 

2. Doesn’t like the litter type

Some cats can be extra picky when it comes to their litter. If it isn’t soft enough for them, they’ll find another place to urinate; this is common in declawed cats as rough litter can be painful on their paws. If this is the case, consider placing two litter boxes next to each other, each with a different litter type, to see which one it prefers.

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3. Inappropriate litter box location

Cats prefer to use their litter box in a peaceful environment. If you place the container in a noisy or trafficked area, near washing machines or appliances, that might be a reason. Ensure that the litter box area has enough light so the cat can see what it’s doing.  

4. Feeling lonely

Although cats are independent animals by nature, they still need company and affection to stay healthy. If your cat spends many hours alone, then it might start peeing on the bed out of boredom.

5. Disease

It is one of the main causes that you should never ignore. Your cat might be suffering from urinary tract infection or cystitis. When a cat is sick, it can be oversensitive or bothered by some stimuli that were part of its daily routine. 

Prevent the cat from peeing on the bed

After identifying the reason and ruling out any diseases, it is time to find a solution, so here are some tips. 

  • Spend more time with your cat, play and socialize. 
  • Limit the areas to which the cat has access to
  • Place the litter in a quiet place away from other animals, if present
  • Change the litter box and/or litter type
  • Try to place its food near the bed where it is peeing on; cats usually hate going to the toilet where there is food.  

Follow the above tips along with a little patience, and you’ll soon have a dry bed and happy cat once again!

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