What Are The Best Family Dog Breeds?

Most kids ask for a pet at some point in their childhood.

If you decide to adopt one of these adorable life companions, then here are 9 different dog breeds that will become your children’s best friends!


The Poodle is a very intelligent dog who knows how to get along very well with young children. Cheerful, energetic and above all very playful, he is the ideal four-legged companion for families. To please his owner, he likes to learn and practice different tricks, he is therefore very receptive to training and knows how to follow instructions easily.

However, the Poodle is a dog with a real need for companionship and cannot stand loneliness. Besides, this bread is perfect for people with allergies, because it does not shed, so it’s considered to be “hypoallergenic”.


If your family’s lifestyle cannot meet the exercise demands of a very active dog. The Pug is here for you, very affectionate, cuddly and fun. Although his exercise needs are less, the Pug is still a small ball of energy who likes to play and clown around. It is a dog who adores children and who is generally very close to humans.

Cavalier King Charles

He is a good companion dog, happy, playful and energetic in nature who can live in an apartment very well. He is very easy to handle and approach and does not show any aggressiveness. Besides, he also knows how to be very calm when necessary.

Shih Tzu

Other than being super cute, they were bred to be companion dogs, and their exceptionally gentle temperament makes them an excellent choice for families with children. Some of the many other advantages of this breed include its compact size, low need for exercise, and adaptability to apartment living.

Boston terrier

This little gentleman in a tuxedo is a very popular family dog, he is both very smart, very cuddly and he makes new friends quickly. The Boston Terrier is playful, without ever being annoying. As long as your family gives them the attention they need, the Boston Terrier will be your lifelong companion. 


Do you remember Nana in the Peter Pan cartoon? The nanny who looked after the children with a devotion and who was the first to warn everyone when they started to fly away with the Eternal Child? Nana was a Newfoundlander, one of the best breed options for families with children. As big as bears, they have the charm and patience of a soft toy. If you don’t mind its massive size and a bit of drool, Newfoundlander might be the perfect pet for your family.

Basset Hound

For families who like to take their time and things at ease, a droopy, sleepy-eyed dog will make an ideal companion. The gentle, calm Basset Hounds know better than any other breed of dog to take the time to do nothing. Their friendly character makes them perfect family dogs as long as you don’t mind a little slime. Alright… Lots of drool.

Golden Retriever

No wonder why the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are loyal and active dogs. They love to spend time with the people around them and be on the lookout for everything. Golden Retrievers are very calm and patient, likes to exercise, and enjoys a lot of walks.

Intelligent and loyal, they know how to be a perfect companion for both adults and children. 


A loyal companion, he is a kind and gentle dog. Labradors are very active, they like to exercise a lot, and at the same time, they’re patient in nature. Initially, they assisted fishers in helping pull out the nets, but with their exceptional intelligence and kindness they developed into guide dogs, while also becoming the most popular companions. And frequently, this breed is used in the treatment of autism. People who have had them know they can trust Labradors with their lives, and that says it all.

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