Coconut Oil for Dogs?

Coconut oil has become a game changer for us humans. There are so many uses for this supplement, it’s like the Swiss-army knife of oils!

You can cook with it, use it in your hair, apply it as a moisturizer and lip balm, and take it as a digestive aid. If we can benefit from using coconut oil inside and out, what about the pup?

So let’s get straight to it – is coconut oil as good for dogs as it is for humans? Yes! Coconut oil is a wonderful addition to your fur pal’s diet, skin care, and beauty routine! You can add it to their food
or use it to pamper your furry friend with a bit of a massage. A little goes a long way, but there’s a long list of applications and results. Let’s break down the myriad uses and benefits for your pack!

Are there benefits to use coconut oil on dogs?

Coconut oil is 90% saturated fat that can help improve the condition of your pup’s skin, coat, and boost their immune system. The Medium Chain Triglycerides inside of coconut oil can give your dog a boost of energy and MCTs are labeled as good fats that have the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal lauric acid.

Digesting coconut oil is known to kickstart the metabolic system, calm inflammation, encourages normal thyroid functions, and helps strengthen bones. Used topically, this oil can soothe hot spots and bites, moisturize dry skin, and neutralizes dog odor. For pups more worried about their image, coconut oil helps with weight loss and promotes a shiny coat!

How to apply coconut oil on you dog?

With all of the ways to use coconut oil, you’re probably wondering what you should try first.

Adding coconut oil to your dog’s food is an easy way to get this supplement into their system. This supplement can be administered as liquid, capsules, or (when the temperature is low enough) in the form of paste. You can serve it to your furry one straight up or mix it into their food as meal topper. It’s best to start small when introducing new elements to your pup’s diet.

Your vet knows best and can give a more precise suggested dose, but generally a good place to start is with a quarter of a teaspoon once a week. Slowly increase to a full teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight once a week.

Although coconut oil is organic and non-toxic, keep an eye on your pooch for any changes in their skin, coat, and stool. If you pup’s stool become loose or greasy, adjust the dose by reducing the amount. Don’t overwhelm your pup with too much of a good thing. Moderation is key!

Using coconut oil topically can be done in various methods. You can apply a small amount of oil to your hands and give your pooch a massage to add a bit of moisture to dry skin and cracked paws,
soothe hot spots and itchy patches, and to add shine to a their coat. Coconut oil is not a quickly absorbed oil. Be sure to have a towel on hand to wipe your pup down before they get back on the rug or couch!

You can also add coconut oil to bath day. Put a few drops of oil in your pup’s shampoo or conditioner for a boost of hydration and a shinier coat.

If you’re looking to experiment a bit, try your hand at making your own dog shampoo with coconut oil! Here’s a simple DIY recipe to use for inspiration!

Make your own DOG SHAMPOO


  • 1 cup Pure Castile Soap
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 3/4 cup distilled water
  • 2-3 drop pure essential oil (optional)

How to make it

  1. Pool all ingredients together in plastic bottle with cap
  2. Shake all of the ingredients together and use!

Store in a cool dry place between baths. Just shake up the bottle when you’re ready to use again

Now that your pup’s coat is shiny and their skin is well moisturized, it’s time to play!

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