How Long Do Cats Live?

How old do cats get? That is perhaps the most frequently asked question I regularly receive from our cat community. There is a lot of research done on this topic and today I will go over the most common ones. In this article, I will tell you everything about the age of cats. 

How do cats age?

A cat can be around 14 years old on average. There are many different factors that can change the age of your beloved cat, you have to take into account a number of things.

  • Watch out when crossing
  • Enough and regular food and drink
  • Enough beauty sleep
  • Do not choke on hairballs
  • Prevent stress
  • Sweet and caring owners
  • Enough play

Cat age in human years (Cat age calculator)

Our cat age calculator will help you find out human age of your cat!

The oldest cat in the world

Did you know that the oldest cat in the world (according to the Guinness Book of Records) lived 38 years and three days old? This lady lived from August 3, 1967, to August 6, 2005.

In England, a small-scale study by the University of London has been conducted about the age of cats. This shows that the age of purebred cats can differ somewhat compared to house-garden-and-kitchen cats.

The average age of purebred cats is as follows:

  • Burmese: 14.3 years
  • Siamese: 14.2 years
  • Persian: 14.1 years
  • British Shorthair: 11.8 years
  • Maine Coon: 11 years
  • Ragdoll: 10.1 years
  • Bengal: 7.3 years.

Common causes of death in cats

The same English study also investigated the most common cause of death in cats. Believe it or not, the number 1 cause of death is trauma (with 12.2%). Cause of death number 2 is renal failure (by 12.1%). The cause of death number three is unspecified and number four is cancer (11.2%). 

Other common causes of death in cats are nervous diseases, lung problems, heart problems, hormone diseases, thrombosis, intestinal diseases, liver problems and much more..

What can you do to extend the age of your cat?

  • Love your cat every day
  • Play with your cat every day: buy enough cat toys for this
  • Comb your cat regularly: you want to prevent tangles
  • Give enough food and drink and spoil your cat regularly with tasty sweets
  • Refresh the litter box regularly
  • Provide a nice scratching post or cat furniture and a nice cat basket
  • Cat in the cup, right?

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