How To Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

The daily accumulation of tartar on the dog’s teeth can cause dental plaque or tartar, in the long run. This hard layer predisposes the dog to periodontal diseases like gingivitis and others. It is often seen in adult and senior dogs who do not follow a dental hygiene routine and in small breeds of dogs as well. Below are different ways to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing. 


In some cases, cleaning dog’s teeth can be really challenging, especially when combined with dog toothpaste; This is why it may be worthwhile to look for other options, such as dental dog toys. Although it seems like a toy, this accessory is designed for cleaning dog teeth. It has bristles similar to finger brushes and gloves. Also, some have a cavity at the top where you can add dog toothpaste. Just leave the toy within reach of the dog so that he can clean his teeth anytime during the day.

It is made of natural rubber and is resistant to strong dog bites, which promotes proper chewing. It is also a great form of mental stimulation while avoiding the stress and anxiety that are usually the cause of this hygienic routine.


There are different types of mouthwash for dogs in the market perfect in cases where the dog doesn’t allow his owner to brush his teeth. 

This type of product is generally antiseptic, fights tartar and dental plaque and helps eliminate bad breath in dogs. However, note that you should mix it with water which can make some dogs reject it because of its odd taste.

Toothpaste spray 

A toothpaste spray is another great option; however, it might be inconvenient for dogs with behavioural problems like stress, aggressiveness, fear or anxiety. As with mouthwash, not all dogs accept these products, but their application is faster much more comfortable.

Foods for cleaning dog teeth

Just as some foods cause various pathologies, we can also find specific dental foods to prevent and treat periodontal disease.

This type of product is specially designed for adult dogs, never for puppies. In addition to helping the dog maintain good dental hygiene through scratching, they also help fight bad breath and limit the development of plaque. 

Baking soda

The baking soda is a product that you can use instead of toothpaste. Just mix water and baking soda in small amounts until you get a thick mixture. Then all you have to do is wash the dog’s teeth with a brush and the resulting paste.


Daily dental snacks for cleaning dogs’ teeth are increasingly popular. It is important to note that these supplements are not as effective as regular brushing, but they are a great way to remove food debris and tartar after meals. Make sure to choose the type of snack according to the size of your dog.  

Herbal remedies

If your dog has inflamed gums, herbal remedies might be a great solution. You can find them at a herbalist’s store. The best are Oregon grapes, calendula, or aloe vera to clean the dog’s teeth naturally.

Coconut oil is excellent as well for treating dog bad breath and tartar. You can make mouthwashes or use it as a natural toothpaste. Read more about using coconut oil for your dog here.


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