How To Clip Cat Nails In 5 Steps

Cutting your cat’s claws can be a little difficult to some of you. Continue reading to learn how to trim cat nails, especially if your cat is stubborn or hard to manipulate.  

Unlike dogs, cats have retractable claws, this means that they can bring them in and out as they want. There are five claws on the fingers of their forelegs and four on the hind legs.

The claws allow your animal to hunt, to flee in case of danger or to climb trees. If your cat is used to going out regularly, then cutting the nails from time to time is enough. An indoor cat has fewer opportunities to use them, so a regular cut is then necessary.

Besides, regular trimming can prevent her from trying to climb up the curtains, scratching your sofa, damaging your clothes, or even injuring you during playtime or petting. Cutting your cat’s claws is not only an advantage for you and your interior but also her. 

How to clip cat nails in 5 steps

Cutting your cat’s claws might not be an easy task to do; here are some tips to help make it go smoothly:

1. Cut your cat’s claws at the right time

Wait for a moment when your cat is calm and quiet. It is always best to start trimming a cat’s claws very early so that from a very young age, she gets used to this routine. Growing up, she accepts and understands it, and everything goes for the best, quickly, efficiently and without resistance.

So choose a time when your cat is calm. Avoid disturbing her for this if she is playing or sleeping, because she will associate the claw cutting with a disturbing event. This step is important to ensure your cat is calm and establish a relationship of trust. 

2. Cut your cat’s claws in the right position

Ideally, stand behind your cat, place her on your lap, on a table or on the floor, so that you are both comfortable. Act confidently; if you are hesitant, some cats can notice that and then things can get more complicated. So safe, gentle and reassuring gestures for your pet is much needed. 

3. Use the right tool

To properly cut your cat’s claws, use a claw cutter. These special little scissors are designed for this purpose. Their shape allows nails to be cut quickly and easily, without the risk of breaking them.

Avoid the nail clippers for humans and avoid the scissors! These devices are not adapted to the shape of a cat’s claws and may injure your pet. A claw cutter is easily found in shops or at the veterinarian and is inexpensive.

4. Cutting the cat’s nails

Gently take your cat’s paw, hold it and press on her pad to bring out the claw; let your cat smell the scissors if she seems worried. 

Stay away from the opaque, darker, reddish central part and only cut the translucent one. 

If you cut the opaque part by mistake and you notice bleeding, disinfect the claw and watch it for a few days so that no secondary infection develops, as many bacteria are lodged in your cat’s nails and can penetrate the wound.

5. After you are done, do not forget to reward your cat by giving her a special treat. 

When should we cut the cat’s claws?

The frequency depends on the activity of the animal. On average, a cut every 4 to 6 weeks is enough. At this rate, it will be much easier for you to keep the claws short and thus reduce the risk of discomfort, injury or damage in the house.

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