How To Clip Dog Nails?

Maintaining your dog’s nails is essential for his health and well-being. Continue reading to learn how to clip dog nails, how often should you do that and some helpful, safety tips when the dog is scared. 

When and how to clip dog nails?

To find out if it’s time to take care of your dog’s claws, watch him carefully while he’s standing. If his claws touch the ground or twist, it means they are too long. You can also grab his paws and push the pads to take out his nails and check their length. Regularly touching his paws, is also a great way to get him used to that, which will make your job easier the day you cut his claws. A “click-click” sound while he is walking on a hard surface, also means it’s time to cut his nails. 

How often to clip dog nails? 

On average, you need to trim a dog’s claws every two months. An indoor/apartment dog may need more regular care than a dog who stays outside.

How to clip dog nails when the dog is scared?

Cutting your dog’s nails yourself can be a bit hard, especially if he’s scared, so here are some tips to make it easier. Start by choosing a relaxing and comfortable place to reduce stress on the dog. Use some cushions, blankets, put some music and have some treats ready for him. When you repeat this every time you want to clip his claws, he will adapt and get less nervous with time. 

You have a choice between three positions to cut your dog’s claws. Either you place him in a sitting position next to you, or you put him in the supine position, and the third is in the standing position. Once your dog is in the right position, here are the steps to follow:

  • Take a paw and remove any dirt that has accumulated around the nail.
  • To avoid injuring your dog, you must locate the living part of the claw. If the dog has black claws, then it might be difficult to locate the vessels, so avoid cutting it too short. 
  • Do not forget the pins which are inside the legs and which do not wear out.
  • If you accidentally cut your dog’s nail too short, it will bleed but don’t panic. Take a compress or cotton pad soaked in cold water, then press on the clipped nail for 1-2 minutes to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding persists, make a bandage and leave it for a few hours.

Which nail clippers to choose?

The choice of claw cutter must be made according to the size of your dog. For a small dog, the claw cutters are very practical because they are easy to handle. For a large dog, it is better to use an electric file if possible.

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