How To Give Your Dog A Pill – Step By Step Guide

Even the most obedient dog will more likely refuse to take medication, and the whole process can be a nightmare to some of you. But no matter what, these are essential for preserving your dog’s health. Although the easiest alternative would be choosing a liquid syrup, this might not always be possible. This article will show you four tricks how to give your dog a pill without putting him in stress or any negative situation.  

3 Ways to give a pill to your dog


1. Hide the pill in the dog’s food

It is the first and easiest method, and you can put it inside the food in two different ways. 

Put the whole pill

Get your dog his favorite food and put it inside. Make sure the piece is small enough (not more than 2 centimeters) so that he can swallow it in one bite. If the dog notices the pill, he’ll separate the meat and spit the pill on the ground. 

Crumble the pill

The second method is best for dogs that are more likely to take the pill out of the food. Since the drug’s active ingredient is equally distributed throughout the pill, you can crumble it into the food.

Place the pill on a table, then use the blade of a knife, apply a little pressure on the tablet, and split it into many pieces. Do this several times until you get a powder.

Take some wet food, and mix the powder of the pill into the food. The strong smell of the food will hide that of the drug, and the dog will more likely eat the pill without noticing.

In this case, make sure that your dog eats everything you gave him because if he leaves even half of it, it would be as if he had only taken half of the pill. 

2. Dissolve the pill in the water

Not all pills can be dissolved in water; you can double-check with the vet or the pharmacist.  

It is recommended not to dissolve the pill in his water bowl, as he will more likely notice. Instead, administer it to the corner of the mouth with a syringe, so the dog is forced to swallow it. This method works with syrups and dissolvable pills. 

It will be necessary to calm the dog and make sure that he is comfortable. If the dog is prone to irritable or aggressive behavior, choose an alternative method.
3. Put the pill directly in the dog’s mouth.

In some cases, it may be necessary to put the pill directly in the dog’s mouth (e.g., a bitter pill)


  • Calm and reassure your dog; it is best to do this after playing with him for a while and talk in a cheerful and relaxed tone. 
  • Get on a chair facing the wall, sit down, then bring the dog in front of you so he won’t be able to step back to avoid taking the pill.
  • You can then try to open the dog’s mouth by pressing on the cheeks (the large molar called the feline tooth ). 
  • Place the pill on the tongue as far back as possible and close to the throat. Close your dog’s mouth and hold it closed for a few seconds to stimulate swallowing.
  • You will feel with your hand if the dog has swallowed the pill, don’t forget to reward him afterward. 

Further advice

  • If you have two dogs that need to take the same medicine, we recommend that you do it at different times throughout the day, so if one of them vomits, you will more easily know which one did.
  • Avoid stress, aggression, and negative situations at all costs. 
  • In case of any side effects, consult your vet right away.

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