Litter Robot For Cats. Is It Worth Getting One?

If you are tired of regularly cleaning your cat litter box, then this innovation is for you! The litter robot for cats saves you a lot of time and requires minimal effort to make cleaning up easier.

Say goodbye to bad smells and to the shovel to collect droppings and dust. Thanks to the self-cleaning system, you can remove the soiled bedding effortlessly, without waste and in no time.

What are the advantages of litter robot for cats?

The self-cleaning litter robot has many advantages for cat owners. Its operating mode is very simple: the litter robot for cats is equipped with a sensor and a mechanism that automatically places your cat’s faeces in a closed bag or tank.

You then have to empty the tank or throw the bag in the trash; this means that you no longer have to pick up your cat’s droppings every day and you never come in contact with dirty litter again. 

Besides, you no longer have to endure bad odours while cleaning the self-cleaning litter. However, to keep it clean, you must regularly activate the system.

How does it work?

Some models have carbon filters to neutralize lingering odours effectively; you can also choose a self-cleaning litter with a door to offer a little calmness and privacy to your cat when it needs it.

It is also possible to avoid fallouts by choosing a litter box with a deep container and anti-projection edges, a hatch or a roof. Indeed, each model is designed to match the behaviour, habits and needs of different cats. If your cat is peeing out of your regular litter box, read the common reasons here.

Is it worth getting a cat litter robot?

As previously mentioned, self-cleaning litters fall into two main categories. The simplest manual self-cleaning cat litter and the model where the litter is connected to a drain, a water supply and an outlet. After the cat is done, the mechanism starts up on its own, and the stool/urine are evacuated. At the same time, the system takes care of washing, disinfecting and drying the bedding.

This type of improved litter does not require any human intervention, except the replacement of the refills of cleaning solution every 4 to 6 months and to add the litter clumping grain. But note that it always takes some time for your cat to adapt to the new litter. 

This litter robot option can be pretty pricey but after spending some time with it you might appreciate the practical point of it. The stress of remembering to clean your cat’s toilet will not be there anymore. 

Here are the best selling litter robots for cats:

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