What Dog Breeds Don’t Shed?

Cleaning dog hair everywhere in the house daily can be very exhausting, especially if you live in an apartment. Many people mistakenly think that a short-haired dog will leave less hair shedding on their favourite sofa than a long-haired one. However, some short hair breeds can be real hair factories. If you are looking for dogs that shed the least amount of hair here are the best possible breeds for you. 

The Dachshunds

Everyone knows this beautiful dog with a long body and short legs. It is chosen either as a pet or for the help it provides in hunting animals. It is small in size, ideal for small houses or apartments, and its pleasant character is perfect for homes with children.

Be careful; there are three types of hair in this breed: short, thick and long, the former is the most common and they are the ones that do not shed hair.

Yorkshire Terrier

Although they have a long, very fine coat that requires regular brushing and maintenance, they shed a very tiny amount. The personality of this little breed is dazzling; they are very friendly, which is ideal for taking them everywhere.

Shi Tzu

This breed of dog is originally from China; they have very soft, double-layered hair. Shi Tzu dogs are very expressive and affectionate, which can be great companions for the elderly or those who live in small houses.


With a dense, curly coat, one might think that it sheds a lot of hair. However, this breed is recommended for people who suffer from allergies. Keep in mind that you need to maintain their hair by brushing and detangling it several times a week. Besides, poodles can live in small spaces and get along very well with children. They are affectionate, loving and at the same time protective. They are alert and ready to bark when they sense a threat or danger. 

Boston Terrier

Here is another very pretty little dog breed that hardly sheds its hair, very cheerful, easy to train and playful; its coat is also short and requires very little maintenance in terms of external care. One of the most remarkable characteristics of this breed is that it has almost no unpleasant smell and does not lose its hair which is ideal!

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer is a perfect breed to keep rodents away from houses and fields. They are very affectionate but at the same time guard dogs. They have “rough” and fine hairs that barely fall out even if they require regular brushing and grooming.

West Highland White Terrier

An adorable little white Scottish dog, with an expressive face that weighs no more than 10 kg; it is chosen by people who have houses of a few square meters and those who like to move with their pets everywhere. They usually do not lose a lot of hair, but require regular brushing and cutting to maintain the health of the coat.

Also these dog breeds need regular grooming, read about the best dog hygiene routine here.

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