Why Is My Cat Eating Grass?

Cats are part of the carnivore family that are known to rely on a meat-based diet; but you’ve probably also noticed that your cat is very much attracted to the greenery, like fresh grass, indoor plants, and even aromatic herbs. How is that possible by a carnivore, and why is my cat eating grass? Continue reading to learn more as we answer those questions. 

Even though the cat’s diet should be animal product-based, surprisingly, ingesting greeneries has various benefits on the cat’s health: 


It is very common for cats to swallow hair during different daily activities that can risk clogging their stomach. Greeneries ingested will wrap around the hairs accumulated and form balls making it easier to be released from the body. Cats who do not have access to a garden must be provided with either grass or commercially sold herbs that consist of wheat, barley and rye. 

Induce vomiting

Greeneries help relief irritated stomach as well. If your cat is suffering from any digestive disorders, experts often recommend inducing vomiting, which can really help in cases of food poisoning or difficulty digesting certain foods. In this case, grass provides calming properties on the cat’s digestive system as well as a laxative effect.

Balancing nutritional deficiencies

Although the cat is a carnivorous animal, the grass provides certain fibers and vitamins to the system, that are not present in the usual diet. Folic acid, for example, is a chemical that helps in the production of hemoglobin.

Nowadays, commercial food for domestic cats are formulated to contain extra nutrients; however, the cat’s instincts push them to consume grass for this reason. If you have indoor flowers likes crocus and philodendron, you’ll need to place them somewhere unreachable by your cat, as they can be toxic. 

Euphoric effects

Commercially produced catnips consist only of grasses, selected to provide fiber to the cats, however, “real” catnips are vigorous and weedy herbaceous perennial plants that have a drug-effect on cats. These plants release pheromones and are capable of putting the cat in a state of ecstasy for several minutes. So if you noticed your cat super attached to licking “real” catnips, then this might be the reason. 

Do you want to learn more about catnip and who does it do to cats? Click here.

Also, note that a cat eating grass has nothing to do with deworming. Digestive worms are lodged in the small intestine, and any induced vomiting comes from the stomach, in this case, grass will be of no help. 

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