Why Is My Cat Meowing So Much?

If your cat is meowing a lot, it can be due to different causes. To be able to identify the reason behind it, you need to differentiate between the intensity and rhythms of your cat’s meows first. 

There are 4 types of cat meows

On a daily basis, the cat mainly uses 4 types of meows, mostly to communicate with you: 

Dry and short meows similar to chirping while holding her tail straight means she is greeting you. A meowing that is accompanied by a purring sound indicates that your cat is demanding attention and petting from you. Long meows and high-pitched ones usually mean something urgent, so by looking around you will be able to pinpoint the request if the cat is near a door, then she wants to go out if she is near the bowl, then she is asking food water or food, etc.

So cats meow for different reasons and their behaviour can change while growing from a kitten to an adult and a senior cat. A cat crying at night meaning an illness or distress might be the reason behind it as well. Therefore any changes in your cat meows should be monitored.

Why is my cat meowing on a daily basis?

This is a question we constantly receive since as we previously mentioned, meowing is not limited to petting requests, feeling hungry or demanding to go out. Sometimes your feline friend tries to express negative or serious things she might be going through. Stress can be a major reason for a cat meowing a lot. Monitoring her and the environment can help you find the reason behind it. Some items that might help calm your cat are odour diffusers, calming necklaces and pipettes, zen and soothing sprays, as well as the advice of the veterinarian, can be very helpful. 

Other reasons that can be behind a cat meowing

The heat in cats

When cats are in heat, the partners meow to communicate with each other about their presence and availability; these meows can be extremely loud and noisy. 

Mother instinct

If your kitten has been separated from her mom, it can be a way of calling her mother and vice versa. 

A talkative cat

Some cats are naturally more “talkative” than others, just like human beings! It not only depends on their character but also on their breed, as Siamese and Asian breeds in general, meow more often than others. If you have a Tonkinese, a Balinese, a Burmese, a Japanese bobtail, a Cornish Rex or a Korat, you will have to get used to it; kitty is super talkative.

Communication of cats

The cat’s communication is not limited to meowing, to better understand your cat, you can observe her attitude, posture and particularly her tail movements. Observing your cat and paying attention to her way of communicating during the first year allows you to understand her language well. 

To sum up, the first thing to do if your cat is meowing a lot, is to check that all her needs are met. Does she have a diet that suits her? Is fresh water available? Is the litter clean? Does she have some toys, a place for scratching and a comfortable space where she can rest? Are you spending time playing, cuddling and even “talking” to her? 

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If the answers to all those questions are yes, then this might be chronic pain, hypertension, hyperthyroidism or even rejection. Also, sensory losses can cause confusion to older cats, so a visit to the veterinarian is essential. 

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