My Cat Has Bad Breath

Causes and remedies for your cat's smelly breath

If you own a cat, you probably love them more than life. This does not help change the fact that your cat has bad breath. And a cat with smelly breath can be one of the most unpleasant smells you could ever lay your nose on. But besides being gross, it can also indicate health problems in your beloved pet. 

Below, we will explore the basics of bad breath in cats and how to counter it.

Reasons for cats having bad breath

There are a gazillion reasons why your cat has bad breath. Today, we will look at the most common ones. 

  • Oral hygiene and Periodontal Disease: This is by far the most common cause, and easily preventable. Just like humans, the buildup of plaque and tartar can lead to development of bacteria which in turn causes bad breath. Read more about cat Dental Disease here.
  • Diabetes: Cats too can have diabetes. If their bad breath has a sweet or fruity smell, make an appointment with the veterinarian. It is a serious, but treatable condition.
  • Kidney & Liver Disease: If your cat has symptoms including breath smelling like urine, or vomiting and a lack of appetite, it may mean they have a serious condition. Visit the Vet immediately. You can read more about cat kidney disease here.
  • Lymphocytic Plasmacytic Stomatitis: In rare cases, they might have this condition. It is associated with feline leukemia virus, calcirius or bartonella.
  • Oral cancer: It can sometimes be associated with cancer. If your cat is diagnosed with this, unfortunately the prognosis is not good and usually they have very little chance of survival.

How to prevent bad breath in cats?

If your cat has bad breath, don’t worry. It is one of the more treatable and preventable health problems in cats. Some of the tactics you can use to prevent bad breath include: 

  • Brushing teeth regularly: This might not come as a surprise but its very important and often overlooked. Brushing teeth is important and cats usually learn to enjoy it.
  • Giving your cat chew toys: Providing your cat with toys to chew on can naturally help them by preventing plaque and tartar build up. It also happens to be a great thing for keeping your cat occupied, happy and healthy.
  • Quality & balanced diet: Allowing them to eat healthy, keeping their diet in check and providing ample time for exercise prevents all types of disorders in cats, including bad breath.

My cat has really bad breath. How do I treat it?

Prevention is preferred over treatment. But now that your cat does have bad breath, here are some things you can do to help your cat and in turn help yourself. 

  • Dental cleaning: Just like humans, a good old dental cleaning and visit to the hygienist can do wonders to cure your cat’s bad breath. 
  • Vaccines or Insulin: The right medication can help cure and treat your cat’s bad breath.

If your cat’s bad breath continues, it’s probably best to run extensive tests with your veterinarian to see if it has diabetes, kidney or liver disease.

Purpose of this article is to provide information. To ensure the health and well-being of your pet, always consult any question or concerns with your veterinarian

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