Broken Bones in Cats

Symptoms, prevention and treatment

As a pet lover, we all think that cats make impressive jumps as compared to dogs. However, even the best of athletes can sometimes miss their jumps. 

More often than not, collisions or falls are the most common reasons why a cat may break its bones. On the other hand, an attack by other wild animals like dogs can also result in fractures of cat bones. Most common fractures include pelvis, tail, and jaw fractures.

How do I notice if my cat has a broken bone?

Broken bones or simple fractures are regularly found in cats. They are most likely to face the consequence of injuries, for example, falls or accidentally being stepped on. The most widely recognized causes of broken bones found in cats because of mishaps and falls are leg, pelvis, and tail breaks.

Mostly simple bone fractures will be seen in active and young cats. They are still growing and do not care about the limit that’s why they fall. However, these breaks are additionally generally found in senior cats. The reason is that they have fragile bones and those malnourished cats whose bodies come up short on the minerals expected to deliver solid bones. If your cat may show signs of bone fracture, you should consult it with your veterinarian.

Symptoms of simple broken bones in cats

A first bone fracture happens when there is no dislodging of the messed-up bone.  Albeit, this isn’t as genuine as breaks where there is only a bone displacement, It may include various bone sections, or bones projecting from through the skin.

Your cat will, in any case, experience critical symptoms which include: 

  • Failure to hold up their body weight on the influenced limb(s)
  • Faltering bringing about an abnormal stride
  • Expanding close to the site of the break
  • Pain reaction 
  • Fast breathing 
  • Sometimes weakness happens to your cat because of a broken bone. 

Causes of simple bone fractures in cats

Injury can cause the most basic breakage of bones in cats. Some causes include:

  • Falls due to household accidents and Motor vehicle accidents 
  • In specific ways, breaks can happen from negligible pressure and regular use because of bone weakness. 
  • Sometimes a metabolic issue that drains calcium from bones can cause bone fractures  in cats
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Other factors that can/may cause bone fractures:

  • Youthful cats with bones still developing
  • Old cats with fragile bones
  • Malnourished felines with feeble bones
  • Some obese cats with high pressure on their bones due to their obesity

Treatment of simple broken bones in cats

Painkillers are great, but your veterinarian will regulate pain killers and sedation. They will give strong consideration to your cat if you do need sedation though.

Most broken bones are treated with supports to identify the bone fracture. Some new supports will be produced using fibre glass. However, wood, plaster, or metal might be utilized in place of fibre glass where possible.

If there are minor displacements of bone then it is conceivable to recover it with healing creams and medicines. You should always allow the broken bones the right amount of time to heal. It is based upon the seriousness and area of the crack, and medical procedure might be essential in any case. Sometimes screws are embedded to join and balance out the broken bone. 

How to prevent fractures & broken bones in cats?

Traumatic events cause most of the bone’s breakages in cats. You can limit this problem in cats by taking some prevention measures at home. Do it by limiting outdoor activities. Through this, you will minimize bone injuries. You should also pay attention to where your pet cat likes to go inside and outside of the house. Try to restrict the access for walking and jumping near balcony areas. 

Purpose of this article is to provide information. To ensure the health and well-being of your pet, always consult any question or concerns with your veterinarian.

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