Kidney Disease in Cats

Symptoms, causes and prevention

Kidney disease is a severe threat to any pet heath. If this disorder is left untreated, you may face severe problems of kidney failure. Usually, the kidney plays a vital role in your pet day to day working life. So, its severe disorder may result in death.

Different doctors and pet owners claim that older dogs and cats that are allowed to move outside are more likely to develop this disorder than the younger ones.  

Kidney disorder occurs when kidney tissues fail to carry out and support filtering functions. The primary purpose of the kidney is to separate the harmful toxins from the body. When the organ doesn’t work correctly, it may cause kidney failures.

What is Kidney Disease in cats?

The kidneys have various functions that are basic to the maintenance of body health.  The features include toxins discharge, maintenance of Blood pressure, and typical blood electrolytes and eventually process of urine creation. At the point when kidney disorder happens, the health of influenced cats can turn out to be severely compromised. 

Acute kidney failure is a term related to severe kidney diseases. The problem ranges from dangerous kidney diseases to mild issues.  Some mild infections are clinically detectable compared to severe acute kidney injuries. 

The kidneys in cats are situated inside the guts just beneath the spine, over the bladder. The kidneys perform numerous fundamental functions, including: 

  • Sifting the blood to remove all waste materials from medication, foods, and toxins 
  • Directing and separating minerals from the blood 
  • Keeping up liquid equalization (body water, salts, and acids) 
  • Making hormones that aid red platelet creation 
  • Supporting calcium digestion and keep bones healthy 
  • Controlling blood pressure 

Kidney issues in cats can happen when at least one of these functions are not performed properly.  When the kidneys don’t work correctly, poisons develop in the blood, and disease can flow rapidly through your cat’s body.

Symptoms of kidney disease in cats regularly happen gradually after an extended period.  Most of the cats show no exact signs of kidney disorders. 

Mild symptoms of kidney disorder in cats

Cats may need to pee around evening time or may have passed urine accidentally.  Most of the common symptoms of moderate to extreme kidney disease include: 

Causes of Kidney Disease in cats

Chronic kidney disease in cats may develop these symptoms slowly. The severity of these symptoms may be captured by hereditary and congenital conditions. The underlying causes of chronic kidney diseases in cats include:

  • Severe Kidney disease (pyelonephritis) 
  • Diabetes mellitus 
  • Dental ailment 
  • Hypertension 
  • Cancer

How to Cure Kidney Disease in Cats?

It is critical to recognize kidney disorder and start treatment as soon as possible in cats. Treatment choices usually are found to be limited in treating the disease symptoms. However, kidney transplant and dialysis are not easily accessible for cats. Depending upon the disease severity, the treatment may include:

  • Medications that empower urine production  
  • Liquid treatment to maintain the dehydration 
  • Maintenance of blood electrolyte irregularities 
  • Monitoring the urinary system 
  • Vomiting control
  • Medicine for gastrointestinal issues 
  • Dialysis 
  • Dietary services 

Kidney Disease Preventative Measures

Ongoing Management related to kidney disease in cats includes:

  • Ensuring the cat’s kidney health to avoid potentially dangerous substance 
  • Overseeing the cats behaviour all the time 
  • Staying away from any over-the-counter medications without the guidance of your veterinarian 
  • Giving proper oral treatment to help keep up cats health

Purpose of this article is to provide information. To ensure the health and well-being of your pet, always consult any question or concerns with your veterinarian.

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