My Dog Has Fleas. What Can I Do?

Symptoms and remedies for a dog with fleas

Did you know that fleas are a primary source of potential health threats in pets?

Both in humans and animals, fleas can be a source of annoyance. The changing of seasons may also affect the ratio of these insects, however one thing is clear. A dog’s body is a place where fleas and ticks thrive.

Because dogs spend a vast majority of their time outdoors, they are at higher risk of picking these life-threatening fleas. Recent research has shown that these kinds of ticks and fleas can enter your homes after pets who have it visit your home.

How does your dog become infected with fleas?

Your dog is a source of fleas and ticks. When an insect-like fleas and tick jumps on your dog’s body, it will stay there until a flea killing product is applied.  Much the same as the grown-up bug, the grown-up tick will remain on your dog’s body and, in the long run, produces eggs. As a human, you should also be careful of yourself when dealing with your pet’s fleas and ticks.

If not treated, bugs and ticks can cause a list of potential medical problems in dogs which include: 

  • Skin aggravation and disease 
  • Rashes and excited red skin
  • Scabs and scales 
  • Transmission of ailment and ailment to you and your small dog
  • Psychological issues from steady scratching 

How to protect your dog from fleas?

There are wide ranges of fleas and tick avoidance products available. The capacity of over-the-counter medicines has developed quickly in the past 20 years. The deluge of insect treatment for pets established in the mid-2000s and explicitly makes spot-on medications. These treatments led the Environmental Protection Agency to give a notice in 2010 about conceivable dangerous responses to flea medication for dogs!

Similarly, as with any medicine, some dangerous risks carry adverse reactions to flea and tick treatment. These dangers are usually small. Contact your vet for details.

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My dog has fleas. What are the best remedies?

Today, prescribed flea and ticks medicines for pet dogs include:

Oral Tablets

These are an extraordinary decision for both counteraction and treatment of bugs and ticks while being a healthy choice for both your canine and your family. Oral tablets that treat insects and ticks can be bought Over the counter or from your vet.

Spot-On Flea Treatments

There is a wide range of spot-on bug medications with fluctuating viability and various varieties of utilization.

Tick Collars

Tick collars can be effective for certain dog lifestyles and the extent of flea related issues.

Purpose of this article is to provide information. To ensure the health and well-being of your pet, always consult any question or concerns with your veterinarian.

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