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10 Dog Cooling Vests That Reviewers Called a “LIFE SAVER”

Heatwaves and balmy summer days are upon us, which means hot and humid weather that can send both people and animals looking for cover. Even if your pampered pooch spends days lounging in an air-conditioned home, we believe a happy dog is a dog outside.

Cat Anxiety Symptoms – Is Your Cat Stressed?

Anyone who has suffered from stress and anxiety is well aware of their debilitating effects on health. Anxiety in cats works in the same way: not only can it cause discomfort and irritability, but it can also lead to several attitude problems.

How to Cool Down (and Possibly Save!) an Overheated Dog

Dogs can experience brain damage or die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes. Sadly, some common myths out there may be contributing to the statistics.

6 Signs Of Stress In Dogs – How Can You Help Your Dog?

Believe it or not, stress also affects dogs! Stress and anxiety are not something unique to humans; dogs, too, can suffer from them. A busy life, changes in their environment, lack of exercise are common reasons that can lead to stress.

10 Genius Summer Must-Haves That Dog Owners Swear By

Unlike humans, dogs are unable to sweat. They rely on their respiratory tract to dissipate heat. Dogs with a more nasal surface area like German Shepherds and Labradors are more efficient at dispelling heat. In contrast, “smush-faced” breeds like Pugs and Bulldogs have shorter nasal passages and are more prone to overheating.

Best Natural Home Remedies For Itchy Dog Skin

Is your four-legged friend constantly scratching his skin? Itching is quite common in our furry friends, but if the causes weren’t identified and well-treated annoying and persistent symptoms may result. Check these 8 best natural home remedies for itchy dog skin.

5 Reasons Your Cat Is Peeing On Bed – How To Stop It?

Has your cat started peeing on the bed or sofa? Don’t know how to avoid it? First, you need to know that this is a common problem among cats, and recognizing the underlying cause is crucial to solving it. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why your cat is peeing on the bed, and then we’ll provide you with some prevention tips.

How To Give Your Dog A Pill – Step By Step Guide

Even the most obedient dog will more likely refuse to take medication, and the whole process can be a nightmare to some of you. But no matter what, these are essential for preserving your dog’s health. Although the easiest alternative would be choosing a liquid syrup, this might not always be possible. This article will show you four tricks  how to give your dog a pill without putting him in stress or any negative situation.  

Healthy Dog Treats – How To Make The Best Choice? [+Recipe]

Whether you’re training your puppy, playing with him, or just wanting to cuddle him, a healthy dog treat is always a great way to make him feel appreciated and loved. It is recommended that your dog takes 90% of his nutrition needs from a balanced and healthy diet and only 10 percent from snacks and treats.

What Are The Best Family Dog Breeds?

Most kids ask for a pet at some point in their childhood. If you decide to adopt one of these adorable life companions, then here are 9 different dog breeds that will become your children’s best friends!