Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box?

It is well known that cats are very clean animals, they care for their hygiene and the places where they spend time at, such as their beds, litter boxes, bowls and other areas of the house. So a cat peeing everywhere indicates that something is wrong.

What to do if your cat is peeing outside the litter box

If your cat is used to going outside, then peeing in different places around the house is normal as it is a way of marking his territory. In this case, there is no problem, and this is normal behaviour. However, if your cat has always used his litter box and suddenly begins to urinate all over the house, then this might be due to a health issue or a stressful situation. Finding out the source of the problem may not be easy, so extra patience and love are much needed.

What can be the causes of your cat peeing everywhere?

Health problems

Other than diarrhea, different health conditions can cause your cat to pee everywhere, such as cystitis and kidney stones. In these cases, urinating becomes painful so it’s normal for your cat to be unable to pee when he wants to and ends up doing it elsewhere. If your cat is suffering from something else, such as pain somewhere in the body, he might be urinating outside the litter box as well. If you notice that your cat is peeing blood, read more here. The first thing to do is to go to the veterinarian who will perform the necessary tests to rule out any possible health problem.


Just like any other animal, cats can pass through stressful situations, and it can be one of the main causes that make a cat change his behaviour, and urinate everywhere as a way to express himself. You can read more about depression in cats here.

Causes os stress

No matter how much care and affection you give him, changes in the house can affect him deeply, causing anger, anxiety, fear and sadness. For example, the arrival of a new member in the family (whether a baby or other pet), a stressful relationship with the owner due to constant punishments, changing the furniture in the house or even changing the usual routine, can cause emotional disturbances and lead to a cat peeing everywhere.

What to do if your cat is stressed?

If a baby is arriving, familiarize the animal with the places where the newborn will be, and let him gradually adapt to the sounds and new smells that the baby will bring. The same applies when introducing a new pet, it cannot be done suddenly, but gradually, giving everyone their own space to sleep, do their needs and eat. In this way, the cat will not think that the new member is invading his space; all of these steps, of course, requires a lot of patience and understanding. 

Here are some litter box issues that can bother your cat:


  • It is not clean enough. Cats do not pee in a place they consider dirty, so you will need to collect the droppings more often and keep the litter box clean. Litter boxes with a cover are not recommended as unpleasant odors accumulate inside.
  • More than one cat uses the litter box. If you have several cats at home, each one should have his own litter.
  • Your cat doesn’t like the litter box. Some cat litter boxes are scented to hide the odors; however, this scent can disturb your feline friend, so he decides to use another corner of the house. Or even the litter box material may be unpleasant and cause the cat to urinate everywhere except in his tank.
  • Your cat doesn’t like the litter box. Avoid using containers that are too high or too small.
  • Your cat doesn’t like where the litter box is. Cats will never pee near their sleeping or eating area, so if their litter box is very close to these areas, they may prefer to move away a bit. Besides, if you place it in a room with a lot of people, traffic, or where the noise of appliances can disturb him, he will look for a quieter place to do his business.
  • It is not easily accessible. If you put the box in a place where your cat cannot quickly and easily access, the emergency (or laziness) may make him prefer another place nearby.

We really hope these tips will help you find out why your cat is peeing everywhere outside the litter box and find an easy solution. Remember to be patient and always consult your veterinarian. 

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