How To Make DIY Catnip Toys

We all know how much our cats love catnip and especially if it comes with toys. Today we will tell you how to make your own little catnip toys.

How to make your own DIY catnip toys

Cat owners know it: Any small object lying around is a potential toy for your cat. As long as it is nice and light, easy to jump and smells irresistible! So why should you buy expensive cat toys? Cat toys are very easy to make yourself: and you can become as crea-bea as you want. And a homemade cat toy is always a nice gift for, for example, the cat sitter!

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  • dried catnip (also called catmint or catnip, can be ordered online or in the pet shop)
  • fleece felt or other cheerful fabrics that do not fray
  • wooden stick
  • feathers (available at the craft store)
  • paper
  • empty toilet rolls
  • wool
  • sisal rope
  • needle & thread
  • scissors

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Easy DIY catnip toys

The trick of an attractive cat toy is catnip. It is a minty plant and your cat will find the plant’s oils irresistible! Many toys that you buy in the store, therefore, contain dried catnip. That is completely safe for the cat and they love it! Therefore, tinker with your patches of fleece “bags” where you put the catnip. Optionally, you can wrap the toy with a sisal rope. Of course, you can think of all kinds of fun shapes, such as a mouse or a heart, but it can also be simple. You can also simply take a rectangular piece of fleece and put it in a teaspoon of catnip. Roll up the piece and tie a knot in it. Ready!

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Make balls

Light balls that shoot away easily, which is ideal for your cat! For this, you can use a simple wad of paper or a ping pong ball. But you can also make a ball out of a toilet roll. Cut rings from the toilet roll, and form the rings into a ball. In the ball, you can put something exciting like a bell


A good cat rod will wake up your cat’s hunting instinct! You don’t need much more than a simple stick, a rope, and some feathers. Knot things together and angling! Of course, you can let your own creativity go. Tip: go to the market. There you will find all kinds of nice fluffy fabrics, feathers, bells, buttons, and other items with which you can make your cat toys extra fun.

Did you make cat toys yourself? We are curious about the result! Show your creation on Instagram! #pawsdoc

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