My Dog Bit Me! What Does It Mean?

No matter how much your dog loves you, or you love your dog, sometimes out of the blue, your dog can bite you. For starters, this is not a relationship ending moment. So stop worrying and remain calm. There are many reasons why your dog could bite you. Before you can figure out what to do, we first need to find out why.

Why does my dog bite me? 

If you have a puppy, then you should know that this is a normal response and no further action is necessary. Puppies go through a phase and it may actually be the perfect time to train your puppy.

Here are some of the other reasons why your dog may bite, and how you can deal with it:

Maternal Instincts

Mothers, especially recent mothers, have maternal instincts to protect their pups. So give them their space and in time they will return to normal behaviour.

Your dog may be in pain 

Dogs are great at hiding pain, however if you touch them in a spot which induces pain, they may react instinctively with a bite. Take your dog to a vet to see if they can identify the cause of the pain

They might be scared of you 

If you scare your dog, and your dog decides to bite you, then you may have traumatized them. Moving too quickly towards them, or sitting too close to them while they sleep can be triggers. In order to fix this, it may require some time. Similar to humans, you may need to win the trust of your dog back.

Some of the best trust building activities include walking together in a calm manner. It’s also important to notice that you should try to assert yourself as the leader when doing so. The idea behind this is that the dog needs to feel safe around you and know that nothing bad will happen when you are around.

Prey Drive 

Prey drive is the urge that dogs have to hunt their prey. In most cases accidental, while jumping to grab something, they may miss and bite your hand. If this is happening too often, it’s time to find new games, which have less human involvement. A perfect game for this is fetch. It satisfies the prey drive, and keeps you out of harm’s way.


As much as we love our dogs, sometimes they need to be given some discipline. Moments where you may need to take a toy or food away from them. At times like this, your dog may bite you to show discontent. This is a more serious biting problem and should not go left unattended. If so, it may turn into aggression.

Some of the ways to deal with possessive biters include establishing rules, boundaries and limitations. Couple this with obedience training and rewarding good behavior.

What to do if your dog bites you?

We’ve shared the most common reasons why dogs bite in the previous section, and also how you can deal with it. In conclusion, there is a fine line between a regular bite, and an aggressive bite. Above all else, remain calm if your dog bites you and make sure you take the right steps to not let the dog’s biting become aggressive.

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