My Cat Is Not Eating

Common causes and what to do

One of the most troubling things a cat owner can feel is if their cat won’t eat or drink. Many ask the question and as with most other health issues of cats, it can be of great concern. After all, a good healthy diet is key to preserving the long term health of your cats. 

Let’s see what the reasons are below.

Why is my cat not eating food or drinking?

The most likely reasons your cat is not eating is similar to why humans don’t eat or drink sometimes.


If your cat is ill, there is a high chance their dietary habits will change and they might not eat or drink food.

Medications or vaccinations

They may be on some sort of medication which makes them lose their appetite or upset their stomach. Recent vaccinations may also cause this in cats.

Unfamiliar or new surroundings

Any change in a cat’s living conditions, similar to humans, may cause their eating habits to be disrupted. In some cases, cats may even eat more if they are stressed.

Absence of Owner

It is common in cats to not eat while you are away and when you do come back home, they will eat a lot.


They may not like what you feed them.

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How do I treat my cat’s eating disorder?

Unlike other health issues, not eating is not often associated with anything serious. There are many things you can try to improve their eating and drinking. Some of them include:

Try different kinds of food

Cats, much like humans have preferences. Try to feed them what they like and you might see their eating habits improve. You also make sure that if there is a change in diet

Try feeding them stimulants

Live or canned tuna can be an appetite stimulant. Be sure to only offer these foods in small amounts and only when needed.

If your cat’s eating problems persist, discuss the possible causes with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Purpose of this article is to provide information. To ensure the health and well-being of your pet, always consult any question or concerns with your veterinarian.

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